Susan O’Hara

Remembering a Dear Friend and Advocate, Susan O’Hara

Susan O'Hara

Every time I think about Susan, I cannot help but smile. That’s always a good sign. Susan was one of those amazing and rare individuals who helped her community in so many ways and asked nothing in return. In fact, she asked less than nothing, as she did not like the spotlight. As an advocate for the rights of older adults and persons with disabilities, she was tireless in her advocacy and supportive efforts. Although LAS was only one of the many agencies she cared about, she provided inspiration in her drive and demonstrated a deep commitment to the older adults we support.

I only had the chance to meet Susan a few times in person, but on each occasion, she made a big impression. Susan had the rare ability to lead and inspire. I remember being more excited about the work after every meeting with her. It was truly an honor to do this work besides Susan and I hope in some small way, we can live up to her vision of a more just society by emulating the qualities she demonstrated to others: dedication, perseverance, humility, and strength.

James Treggiari, Executive Director