LAS has moved

With increasing rents in downtown Oakland and the growth of our team, LAS has moved into new office space! We have signed a long term lease on a new suite in Oakland.  As of January 1, 2017, LAS’ new address is:

333 Hegenberger Rd., Suite 850, Oakland, CA 94621

This move will save the agency over $68,000 in rent over the first year. We also gain free parking which will save LAS $9,000 per year. We will increase our office space by 1390 square feet with a total floor plan of 8400 square feet. With an open and collaborative environment, we are adding seven workspaces now and have space for ten more when needed, taking our office from 28 workstations to 45. LAS will also gain an additional conference room, large enough to hold group meetings and classroom style training for up to 35 people.

The new suite is completely remodeled; we have taken the area down to concrete, performed a dust free cleaning from top to bottom and built our new home. With creative reuse of items and a modern take on open office space, we have kept this project environmentally friendly. We are installing energy efficient LED lighting, and are using low VOC paint to promote a healthy environment for our clients and staff.

Look out for an Open House invitation coming soon!

Be a Champion of Seniors’ Rights!

Tender moment between (奶奶)Nǎinai and her grandchild

This season of giving and sharing is a wonderful time to spend time with family and friends reflecting on all of the people that make our lives so special.  This is also a great time to be active in the community, helping those people who need support and a helping hand.

While you celebrate the Holidays and the New Year, help LAS start 2017 off on the right foot by making a donation today!  With your donation, LAS reaches seniors every day who need assistance in maintaining their independence and dignity.  Every donation, no matter the size, is a helping senior who may be struggling and alone.  Help LAS be a light in the community reaching seniors in need of a hand.

Thank You!!

Help a Senior in Need