Legal Assistance for Seniors’ Conference on Elder Abuse

Each year, our Conference brings together leaders in a broad range of professions, to focus on the latest tools and updates in elder abuse. This statewide conference covers a broad range of interconnected issues including: capacity and undue influence, litigation techniques in financial elder abuse cases, an overview of Adult Protective Services and the forensics of bruising. These presentations are given by experts in their field, including judges, doctors, law enforcement and banking experts.

The audience participates in a question and answer session at the 2016 Elder Abuse Conference

LAS has focused on finding the best presenters and the latest information on elder abuse and related topics. After hosting the conference for eleven years, LAS has been able to build a reliable network of professionals who are on the forefront of all aspects of abuse including financial, physical and mental abuse. We have been able to expand the types of professionals who are speaking to the topic including bankers, lawyers, private fiduciaries, law enforcement, doctors, federal agents and judges. The presentations have evolved to include a broader and more in depth range of topics.

The date for the 2017 Conference on Elder Abuse has been set for May 23, 2017 at UC Hastings College of the Law.

audience at the 2016 Elder Abuse Conference

History of the Conference on Elder Abuse

In 2005, LAS recognized a growing need in the community for an annual event focused on bringing together the leaders in the elder abuse prevention field to share the latest research and techniques that have been developed to keep elders safe. For the past five years, the conference has taken place at UC Hastings College of the Law, who through the USF/Hastings Consortium on Health and the law, has provided LAS with the space to bring together nearly 300 professional attendees from around the Bay Area and the County, for a day of learning and sharing.

2016 Conference on Elder Abuse

On May 17th, 2016, Legal Assistance for Seniors (LAS) held our 11th Annual Conference on Elder Abuse, attended by over 250 professionals dedicated to recognizing, preventing, and addressing elder abuse. Dr. Michael Tompkins, Co-Director of the San Francisco Bay Area Center for Cognitive Therapy, gave a fascinating keynote presentation on hoarding behavior in older adults. Other highlights from the day included “The Big Business of Trust: Standing up for Elders in a For Profit World,” discussing corporate abuse of elders and identifying the money that fuels it, “The Latest Research and Prevention Models on Various Forms of Elder Abuse,” exploring the latest research and models for abuse prevention from Stanford University and the National Center on Elder Abuse, and “Building and Elder Justice Movement in California and Beyond,” discussing the multidisciplinary network that has been formed to strengthen the response to elder abuse.

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2015 Conference on Elder Abuse

In 2015, LAS held its 10th Annual Conference on Elder Abuse at UC Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco. There were over 200 registrants including attorneys, social workers, private fiduciaries, conservators, public guardians, psychologists, law enforcement officers, law students, and more. The highlights were many from this year’s conference. Paul Greenwood, a prosecutor from the San Diego District Attorney’s Office, gave a stirring call to action and insight into the triumphs and challenges of fighting elder abuse from the perspective of a prosecutor.