Webinar 1 – 9/15: Toward a More Just, Less Ageist Society: An Elder Justice Agenda Presenter: Lisa Nerenberg, MSW, MPH

Webinar 1 Slides
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Webinar 2 – 9/22: The Aging Landscape in California: An Overview of the 2020 Budget, Legislation, COVID Policy Response and the Master Plan for Aging Presenters: Claire Ramsey, Esq. and Kevin Prindiville, Esq.

Webinar 2 Slides
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Webinar 3 – 9/29: Recognizing, Preventing and Addressing Financial Elder Abuse Presenters: Kimberly Swierenga, Esq., MBA and Elena Ro, Esq.

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Webinar 4 – 10/6: The Future is [almost] Here: Electronic Wills in California Presenter: David Little, Esq.

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