Your gift to Legal Assistance for Seniors (LAS) provides life-changing support to older adults in our community. Thank you for helping to ensure the independence and dignity of seniors across Alameda County.


If you would like this gift to be in memory or in honor of an individual, please email us at:

LAS Wish List

In kind donors can make a significant difference in the financial health of our agency. Please consider if you might be able to help us out with some items we need.

  • Evacuation Safety Chair
  • automated external defibrillator (AED)
  • Office Supplies (copy paper, pens, pencils, post it pads, legal pads, etc.)
  • First Class postage stamps
  • Portable GPS devices for community education and client home visits
  • Taxi vouchers & BART passes for emergency client travel
  • Conference table
  • Large Video/TV Monitors for digital signage
  • cross cut commercial grade shredder
  • PRI Card to update our telephone switch from copper to digital

Will you help with one of these items? Or is there something else you have that we may be able to use? Please contact us today! >>

LAS is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Our Tax ID is 94-2941697.

Cy Pres Awards

Certain types of cases such as class action suits often result in residual settlement funds that cannot be distributed to the intended beneficiaries. Under the cy-pres (“as near as possible”) doctrine, these funds are to be distributed to nonprofits whose work would benefit the class, to child advocacy groups, or to nonprofit groups that provide civil legal services to the indigent (Cal. Code Civ. Proc. § 384(b)).

Legal Assistance for Seniors is an ideal recipient of cy-pres funds because its work supports the fundamental principle of cy-pres: access to justice. Founded in 1976, LAS has a long track record of providing equal access to the justice system to seniors, regardless of social or economic circumstances. In addition, LAS already has an established history as a trusted recipient of cy pres funds, resulting from several cases over the years.

If you are a member of the legal community who might be in a position to recommend LAS for a cy pres award, especially in cases relating to seniors or seniors’ rights, we would greatly appreciate your consideration. Just one such award can make a real difference to Alameda County seniors in need.

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