Thank you for joining us for Legal Assistance for Seniors’ Fall Webinar Series on Elder Abuse. This year’s webinar is brought to you in partnership with Golden Gate University, the special host of this webinar series. We extend our deep gratitude to our sponsors, partners and volunteers for their time and generosity. Without their commitment and support, this webinar series would not have been possible.

LAS’ four-part webinar series is open to the public, free of charge, though a donation of $25 per webinar event will be gratefully appreciated and accepted in order to support our work. We hope you find the presentations informative and useful.

Each webinar will run approximately 90 minutes in length, featuring a presentation on the particular topic followed by a live, moderated Q&A session. We encourage everyone to come prepared with questions to submit to our panelists.

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Session 1

Presenter: Kamela Love

More information to follow shortly.

Session 2

Presenters: Frank Fox, Esq. and Jon Furgison, Esq.

Too often, the non-economic damages inflicted by elder financial abuse are underestimated or “fly under the radar” altogether. This presentation will explain the realm of and reason for potentially recoverable non-economic damages in elder financial abuse litigation, discuss ways to identify and assess those damages and explain the importance of considering potential non-economic damages at each stage of the litigation, e.g., at case intake, pleading, discovery, settlement and trial.

Session 3

Presenters: David Burnes, PhD, Marie-Therese Connolly, JD, Patricia Kimball, MS, Stuart Lewis, MD, FACP, Geoff Rogers, Erin Salvo, JD

This moderated panel will explore the evolution and implementation of R I S E – a new person-centered approach to elder abuse designed to reduce harm, respect autonomy, and advance justice in a more holistic and flexible way than is possible given the structural constraints of most existing systems. Since 2019, Maine APS workers have referred more than 350 cases to RISE advocates with positive outcomes as measured both by APS and by clients. Panelists will discuss the philosophy and research that inspired RISE, the practical steps and partnerships that turned those ideas into a reality, and the ongoing efforts to collect and analyze data to assess the impact of the work.

Session 4

Presenters: Kathryn Stebner, Esq. and Niall McCarthy, Esq.

As our population gets older and wealthier it is no surprise that preying on the elderly for financial gain is rising. Our Financial Institutions are the first line of defense and the gatekeeper of the elder’s money. In fact, institutions market themselves as such and promote all the ways in which money will be guarded and protected against scams. Policies and education are said to be in place to catch the scammer. Yet the scams keep happening under the unwatchful eye of the institution. The presenters will discuss fact patterns, red flags and holding the institution accountable.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education credits are available (1 hour per webinar) for California Attorneys and Professional Fiduciaries. Sessions have also been submitted to CAPAPGPC and approved as outside training for Public Administrators, Guardians, and Conservators.

Please check back soon for additional information about BRN and CAMFT CEUs.

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